Winter Is Coming… So What?

After the recent dry hot summer we just had here in Redding it is a little weird to contemplate that winter will soon be here. I mean the fall weather is absolutely nice right now. But in a few weeks everything changes. Personally, I am taking a piece of this 80 degree day to make sure my furnace filters are clean and clear. A few years ago I invested in a new high efficiency unit to keep my family comfortable. It has done the job nicely. My reason for sharing this story with you is simple. Even though my system is fairly new, I want to be prepared and save money on energy this season, and I would like you to be reminded that you can do the same. In this tight economy (see fuel prices… oh my hell!) and you may be equally motivated to keep wasted energy to a minimum. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can do. A little preventive maintenance can go a long way.

You may be wondering, what’s with all the hype around preventive maintenance anyway? Well, it’s not hype. Maintaining your furnace is just as important as maintaining your vehicle, or any other piece of equipment with moving parts. Over time, and especially due to neglect, any system that has moving parts is prone to failing. Further, just as the oil in your car becomes dirty and can impact vehicle efficiency, your furnace is prone to dirt buildup with time and use. In fact, dirt buildup is generally the primary enemy of furnace system efficiency. So the value of preventive maintenance could not be more vital to a well-performing heating system, as the service is generally comprised of two parts: a thorough cleaning of the furnace and an inspection of its parts.

I am a member of a local networking group where members take special care to learn about the business of their fellow members and give referrals based on a more personal relationship. One important reason is that folks tend to rely on personal recommendations over say just poking your finger in the yellow pages. Yellow pages?  Whazzaat?

So if you want to save energy, and stay comfy this winter, preventive maintenance will do it for you! If you already know of a reliable licensed HVAC contractor, then great. If not just contact me and I will hook you up with one of the best!

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