Watching Over The Soldiers At Christmas

After seeing my friend Bryan Storm perform last night at Cascade Christmas, I am reminded of more than a few friends and relatives who served our country during a time of war.  I still remember being “on duty” while others went home for Christmas during the Viet Nam era.  It was a lonely feeling, and one which is hard to explain exactly.  As harsh as it may be to be thousands of miles from home during the holidays, just imagine how confusing and sad it must be for a little kids to be missing their mom or dad right now.

Bryan did a commendable performance last night as he miraculously appeared in his little girl’s dreams, and came home for the holidays.  It was a touching scene.  It was good to once again hear his fine vocals as well.  I recalled a time last year when we sang together during the north state performance of the play M.A.S.H.  Thanks for the memories Bryan! Thanks also to the entire cast and crew who worked so hard to stage such a great show.

I have a few other friends (singers) who always come to mind during this time of year.  We have enjoyed more than a few jam sessions together around the campfire.  They are The Fox Family, aka: 3 Fox Drive from New York.  Kim Fox is one of the best songwriters I have ever had the pleasure of pickin’ with.  A few years ago, they recorded a song titled “Watching Over The Soldiers At Christmas”.  Here is the video.  I hope you will be as blessed as I was listening to the song. Turn up your speakers and just try not to bawl.

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