Vintage Orange Crate Labels

This is 12×12 digital reproduction of a vintage orange crate label. My specialty is rustic framing of these labels with a very unique and quality method. The wood for this one came from a recycled pallet. I left it rough. I just liked the looks of it that way.  I can get almost any label you would like for framing. This one happens to be from the Redlands, CA Foothill Groves. The University of Redlands is my Alma Mater so I guess that is why I chose that one.

According to the Antique Label Company, “Starting around 1880 the western United States experienced the beginning of nearly seventy five years of intense competition among orange growers in their quest to create ever more colorful, artistic and eye catching Paper Crate Labels or posters used to identify their citrus fruit crates. German immigrants combined their printing skills with local concepts to create Orange Crate Commercial Art unsurpassed anywhere in the world. German Americans had for decades been in the business of lithographing labels for wine bottles. California Orange growers and shippers simply adapted the wine label concept to a larger format and the foot square Orange Crate Labels were born. Bavarian lime stones were imported to provide a surface upon which the original orange citrus label art would be etched. Costly inks were used in a time consuming process done completely by hand. This “Stone Lithograph” process is seldom seen today in any art form. Orange Crate Labels from the 1880’s through the 1920’s can be seen to have been created by this Stone Lithographic process. More modern processes have taken the place of this artistically demanding effort.

During the 1940’s and 1950’s these elaborate fruit and produce box labels and their wooden crates were largely replaced by preprinted cardboard boxes. The paper labels were destroyed or consigned to the warehouse storage areas where they remained undiscovered until recently.”

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