head-197345_640“People are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take of them.” ~ Epictetus ~

How good is the view from the window of your mind?  You are in total control of the image you see from your own internal couch.  It is created by what you give value, love and attention.  There is a constant flow of things that are trying to crowd in and modify the landscape of your mind.  Media, advertisers, groups and individuals are continually trying to gain access to your view creation system.  They only get to be part of the picture if you allow them to have space in your mind.

What you feel is important; it is the pallet for creating your view.  There are unlimited colors and shapes to choose from.  Unlike the views you can see with your eyes, the mind view does not have dimensions, directions or even need light.  It is made from thoughts, emotions and memories.  Think of it as being able to see or feel everything in every direction all at the same time and you have control of what is filtered out.  You also have perfect use of the volume, feeling and tone controls as the view is made from the input from all of your senses.  It contains all sound, taste, touch, temperature and everything your eyes have ever captured.

If you are not very good at using your filters and using diligence in selecting your mind view, the result will be overwhelming and out of your control.  In this condition, you are capable of being led in any direction by whatever gains the biggest, loudest and most impressionable input.  You will be at the whims of the cacophony around us every day.

Be careful what you allow to have a portion of your mind view.  Decide on the importance of each exposure and the place it should, or should not have in your life.

Mike Ferrier

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