The Cowboy Way

It is no secret that Redding and surrounding areas like Palo Cedro or Cottonwood are places that many true cowboys (and girls) call home.  The north state is dotted with ranches and open ranges.  It is indeed another kind of California.  This past month we have enjoyed so many great and entertaining activities by our local cowboy community, along with many who visited from all across the country to attend the 63rd Annual Redding Rodeo.

There is also a great lady in town who knows much of the history of rodeos.  To go along with it, she is a playwright.  Lisa Murphy Collins has written and produced a radio play titled: “Tohidu”.  Along with her husband Bill Collins and the rest of her production team, Lisa has presented a fantastic story centered upon the Redding Rodeo.

As if that were not enough,  Lisa and Bill wrote an original song titled: “The Old Man Is My Hero”.  It is masterfully sung by Michael Vasquez, the same talented guy who played the part of Lee Montana in the radio play.   Just click on the video below to enjoy the song, then check out The New Radio Theater for a special Father’s Day Project!

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