Sweet Lil’ Fishin’ Boat

If you have been wanting a nice fishing boat with all the goodies, this may be the one for you. The guy down the street has decided to sell his. He absolutely loves fishing, but old age and health problems have taken a toll. He is heading south to live out the rest of his life and just can’t take the boat along. I agreed to sell it for him.

The boat is a 12 foot Klamath with a great Honda BF75, 4 stroke motor. It comes with all the accessories you might imagine, including a clamp-on trolling motor with battery. This is a perfect size fishing boat to take kids and dogs along to some of the many surrounding lakes like Whiskeytown National Recreation Area.

Asking price is just $1900 for the complete rig with trailer. Seriously, if you were thinking about getting a boat, you really should check this one out. The price is way fair, especially because of the motor which seems to sell for about $700 alone.

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