Sunsets In Virginia

Here is a little song I co-wrote with Tim Keesee a few years back.  Oh my! I just looked at the date.  2003.  I guess that would be more than a few years ago.  Time flies when your having fun!  His words, my music.  Tim lives back in Virginia.  I never met him in person.  This was one of those late night online collaborations.  I hope to meet up with him someday and shake his hand.  I think the song turned out okay.  To make the demo, we just set a single microphone up in the kitchen one evening and invited a few of my bluegrass pickin’ pals over.   We ran through the tune a couple of times and hit the record button.  The players are: George Ireton, Guitar & lead vocal – Mikki Feeney, Fiddle – Kris Hare, Banjo , Sam Cuenca, Mandolin – Allen Light, bass.

Here’s the deal… If you like the song, please share it with your FB friends and Twitter followers with one of the sharing icons below.  If you think it is a waste of time, just do what the Beatles did and “Let It Be” Ha ha!


Sunsets In Virginia
© 2003 Tim Keesee / George Ireton

(Verse 1)
I was just eighteen the first time I’d seen those Virginia sunset skies
Driving through the Blue Ridge I got a glimpse of paradise
On my own, first time from home Lord, I remember still
Feelin’ overcome by the settin’ sun nestled in them rollin’ hills…

Sunsets in Virginia…Shenandoah’s pride…
Memories of an mornin’ breeze dancin’ through the countryside
Sunsets in Virginia…where folks can share one thing
A perfect view of Heaven from every front porch swing

(Verse 2)
When it’s time for me to live carefree
And leave nine-to-five behind
You’ll find me on a hilltop
In a cabin made of pine
Huntin’ and fishin’ won’t leave me wishin’
For my past hopes and dreams
A rocking chair in the mountain air
And, I’ll have everything…

(Repeat Chorus)

When my days here are over
And I share peace with the wind
It won’t matter where I’m goin’
‘Cause paradise is where I’ve been

(Repeat Chorus)
Yes, you can see serenity
From every front porch swing

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9 Responses to Sunsets In Virginia

  1. Cynthia Fletcher says:

    Fun! Karlee Hoekstra works in our office and shared this with a few of us from her “Cuncle!” The only thing better would be to hear it LIVE; I can’t believe you haven’t met the lyric man. That’s so cool; a good pairing. We sure enjoy Karlee and get to hear her fiddlin’ with one of our campus groups in a few weeks at a school function. She’s a doll!

    • georgeireton says:

      Thanks for the nice words Cynthia! Karlee’s fiddling is super, but her singing just kills me! So does her sense of humor. Heh.

  2. Darla Novak says:

    This is a wonderful song. You sound a lot like Wayne Taylor (former Country Current and now Appaloosa). Just great!!!!

    May we play it on our show on KZFR 90.1 FM Community Radio, Chico — “American Pastimes”?

    Darla & Grant

    • georgeireton says:

      Thanks guys! As you are probably aware, I do many of Wayne Taylor’s songs because he is known as “The Voice” in bluegrass. What a nice compliment to say that I even come close to that. Of course you can play the fire out of the song! Honored. See you both soon (probably at Grass Valley).

  3. georgeireton says:

    Here is what some of the Tunesmith critics had to say about the song.

    The truth is, if you truly want to forge a great song, you must be willing to endure the fire that comes from the heart of other songwriters who do not have a “dog in the hunt”! Likewise, if you have a comment, impression, or critique to offer, please do so! There is absolutely no way to offend me by offering your genuine positive feedback. My aim is not to get rich from it, but to enrich the lives of others because of it! To that end, I will truly appreciate your comments.

  4. Ron Largent says:

    This was great George…..well done, and I will forward it on to my kids, and friends. I think Bluegrass is still a favorite of all that like a little simple rhythm to click fingers by…and you and the group did a great job. We have got to get you out more, as others will enjoy the music as much as I do. Good for you!

  5. Diana Wallis says:

    Hi George,
    You have a lovely voice. I really enjoyed your song, Sunsets in Virginia and have a soft spot for bluegrass. It was great to meet you at the Farmer’s Market in Redding and hope we can get together sometime and play a few tunes. Cheers -Diana

    • georgeireton says:

      Thanks for the kind words. I really enjoyed your music as well. It is great to hear people play and sing in tune and in time. I will holler at you next time we have a local jam.

  6. Rick Jamison says:

    It warms my heart to hear your voice. Rich, expressive and true as ever.
    Wonderful to be able to collaborate on songwriting over far distances. This song, in three quarter time, is a winner.

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