So Much Deception!

Lately I have been swamped with deceptive information from a great many sources. To say that this has become annoying would be an understatement. My purpose in sharing my thoughts has more to do with a sincere wish to be helpful to my friends, other than just ranting about these things. Hopefully you will take away something positive as you consider the following…

We see it everywhere. TV, radio, direct mail, email, Facebook, Twitter, and tele-marketing calls. Facebook feeds are bloated with fake news and sneaky click bait. And it doesn’t seem to matter what your political views may be, there is just so much bias and misleading content that one may be inclined to just shut the whole thing down!

Just today I received what initially appeared to be a message from a friend I had not spoken with in a few years. It all started with a cordial “Hi, hope you are doing well, etc.”, but I quickly noticed a few red flags. Odd usage of language was the first. Then very soon the “great news” was shared that Mark Zuckerberg had awarded my friend a large sum. And while the delivery man was at her door, she noticed MY name on the winners list! No need to go on with the story here. When I politely suggested that I suspected her account may have been hijacked, the hacker bugged out! Yeah. 🙁

We continually receive daily mortgage offers in the mail. Some of those are super sneaky in their attempt to appear to be from an official government department etc. in the hopes that we carefully review the contents prior to tossing it in the round file.

While I could cite numerous examples, I think you get the idea. Watch what you click on, how you reply, where you enter sensitive info and the source of any article (political or not) on the web. I have not YET shut down my Facebook, but I have come close!

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