Skateboarding Over The Age Of 60?

The other day I was telling a story about how it was to be a teen in the early 60’s.   We were talking about skateboards and how they became popular in that decade.  In Southern California there was a big surfer craze.   Still true for some I think. Dude!

There were The Beach Boys and their totally unique sound, most of which we listened to on the AM dial on our transistor radios.  And there was the incredible surf!  And there were surfer girls!

I was in Junior High School.  Too young to drive or hang out with the older kids who had the great joy to soak in the whole surfer lifestyle.  I did have wing-tip shoes, a paisley belt, plaid shirt, and the appropriate hair style (the wet look).  Did I mention there were surfer girls?  Even though gas was around 20 cents per gallon, and the beach was just over an hour away, I was land locked!  Still, I was compelled to surf even if only on the asphalt.  They say necessity is the mother of invention, and I suppose that’s true.

This was before the commercial manufacture of skateboards.  My family operated just this side of poverty, so I found a scrap piece of 2×4 and spray painted racing stripes (purple) down the center of a white board.  You have probably seen this paint scheme on a Mustang Cobra.  That’s what I was going for anyway.  I got the white paint from a bucket of left-over house paint, and the spray paint was from Uncle Joe’s plastic car model kit.  The wheels available were not vinyl, but steel.  Since my big sister no longer used her clamp-on skates, I snagged those.  I hammered the clamps flat and nailed them to the bottom of the board.  The nails I found were way too long of course, so I just bent them over the clamps and it worked okay.

This was certainly not the safest lash-up and it resulted in many mishaps.  When you wipe out on asphalt, it means skinned toes, knees and elbows.  I broke no bones, but was the recipient of many minor injuries. I suppose I viewed those scars as red badges of courage. It just sort of went along with being a “sidewalk surfer”. The girls seemed impressed, so I guess it was all worth it.

These days there is a different and even more exciting definition of the skateboard.  Now over the age of 60, I sometimes look back with fond memories like these, but I am still constantly seeking innovative ways to create value by constructing websites and helping people take advantage of social media and relationship marketing.  See:  I have often wondered why the core power system of the automobile has not exactly been congruent with the technology we have witnessed in our lifetime.   We have learned that hydrogen is the most common element in the universe. So why are we still burning gasoline?  Fortunately for our grandchildren, others have asked the same question and are actually working on a solution.  Looks like skateboard technology may finally come of age! On my bucket list is a brand new Hy-Wire car.  It will be the only car I will ever have to buy again. Check out the video and let me know what you think.


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5 Responses to Skateboarding Over The Age Of 60?

  1. Jeff Scaggs says:

    Both the article and the video were way cool dude. I really like the look back at the sixties and the reminder that when we really want or need something we find a way to make it happen, maybe it’s time for the car too. the changability of the car is what i like. Thanks for sharing George

  2. Ron says:

    I don’t know why we don’t have something like this on the road already… in fact, it’s a bit disappointing to me that we don’t. Hydrogen Fuel Cells have been around, technologically, for years… the industry gripe has been how do we distribute it (read: how do we make money from it). I like this skateboard idea very much… but I may not ever see it on the road… I hope my grand-kids will.

  3. Stev Fischer says:

    The car ideas all look cool, but that’s just architecture – the problem is in the fuel cell technology.
    Fuel cells have great promise, but they most commonly still rely on petroleum based fuels – still polluting and still sucking oil. Hydrogen is out there, literally oceans of it, but it’s kind of tied up in that saltwater thing. Until we figure out how to extract cheap hydrogen in huge quantities, how to use it and distribute it safely, none of the cool skateboard stuff can or will happen.

    • georgeireton says:

      Yeah, I know Steve. Truth is neither of us will likely be around to see it, but it’s nice to imagine the future eh?

  4. My family enjoyed getting a glimpse of what the future may hold. My boys’ generation will be the ones to break the grip of big oil and create economic stability that is no longer based on scarcity. There is a whole other way of thinking that must be explored, articulated and promoted, and social media holds the promise of making that happen. Thanks for your contribution G!

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