Size Matters – So Does Accuracy

gunclub060814I do like to shoot shotguns. Big ones! They go boom and spray the air with lead, blasting clay pigeons from the sky. I find it relaxing and challenging. Kind of like going to the golf course driving range. There is something special about standing on the trap shooting range at Redding Gun Club, looking out across the valley at the stunning view of the Mt. Lassen Volcano and surrounding mountains.

I also like to shoot pistols in various calibers and sizes. The above photo was taken last week during the qualifying round of a firearms safety course. I am shooting a nice Ruger LC9, a 9mm pistol. I specifically like this one because I can control it, and thereby improve my score. It also delivers a powerful payload. The guy on my right (foreground) was shooting a Kimber .45, a super gun as well.

For me, there is no finer place for recreational shooting than Redding Gun Club. The annual membership fee is just $100 which does not even approach the total value they provide.

tedlidieIf you are serious about firearms safety and protecting yourself and your family, I highly recommend NorCal Firearms Instruction. Under the world class leadership of former Command Sergeant Major Ted Lidie, the instructional team is the finest in the north state.

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