Sig Saur P226 Great Pistol For Training

sigWhen I first began my personal defense training with Ted Lidie at Norcal Firarms Instruction I was hesitant to go right out and buy a world class pistol. I mean just the $1,000 price tag for such a gun will surely get your attention! On top of that, I had never handled a semi-auto pistol before. I always just shot rifles, shotguns, and an occasional revolver. I now understand the self defense benefits of bearing a modern firearm. Safety was (and is) a major factor for me.

Fortunately, I found a great alternative to the expensive operation of such a pistol. I found what is called an airsoft replica. As far as the ammo goes, it is a BB gun. But for training purposes, the one I bought was a mirror image of the real thing, including weight, and mechanical operation. The only difference was the much reduced lethality and cost of ammo. This gun has allowed me to do firearms drills and real training in my own back yard.

So now the tool has fulfilled my purpose and I am ready to pass it along to another student. If you happen to be interested, I have put up a post on Craig’s list in the barter section. See this link

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