Same Thing Happened To Me

Since the tragic passing of Mr. John Prine on April 7,2020 I have been listening to more of his music and reading about his life and times. Funny how you can live in a kind of parallel universe, and not really come to know another person until he is gone. I wanted to pay tribute to a great songwriter, so I just made this simple home recording of his song.

John was drafted into the U.S. Army in the 1960’s. So was I. He learned to play the guitar during that folk era. Me too. Although the Viet Nam war was raging, we were lucky. We were both assigned non-combat duty. After discharge John got a job with the post office. I went to work on the railroad. But we both continued to play and sing for about the next 50 years.

Ultimately John enjoyed great success in his musical journey. Pretty sure he made great sacrifices in that process. I took no such risks. I suppose that makes me just another old folkie.

So the song title “Same Thing Happened To Me” seems fitting. I hope you enjoy listening! To support John’s family you may wish to click on over to

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