The Root Of The Problem

When we built this house over 20 years ago, it came with a landscaped front yard. Like most of the other homes in our neighborhood, the developer planted a nice little Raywood Ash tree down by the front sidewalk. Over the years that tree has given a great deal of shade.

Here is a picture of it in fall color. Unfortunately it also grew a whole network of roots, just below the surface of the lawn. For years I have been bumping along with the lawnmower over those wrist size top roots. They finally inundated the entire front lawn and punched holes in the irrigation pipes. Have you ever tried to dig out and repair sprinkler pipes after they became entangled in roots? Just shoot me! We hired Rader Excavating to scrape the entire yard, roots and all, right back to within about 3 feet of the tree. They filled up an entire 10 cubic yard dump truck with roots! They dumped a load of loam from Axner’s and then the fun began. Well, fortunately I found a local yard maintenance man by the name of Brick Clifford. We are both members of a networking group called BNI. Visit our chapter website here.

I guess if you plan to build a retaining wall, you are good to go with a guy named Brick! See: He was great! He yanked out all the offending irrigation system and expertly installed a block wall around the tree. I went to Lowe’s and got a pallet of those interlocking blocks, which made it simple to do. He also installed a new irrigation system, a whole new lawn, and numerous nice plants. We appreciated that he did not just plant and run, or “blow and go” as they say. He came by several times just to check on his babies and make sure things were being properly watered and fed. That is the level of service we all hope for, but seldom see. Thanks Brick!

So here are the before and after pictures of our front yard. Needles to say, I am thrilled with the job Brick has done! Oh yeah…. his number is: 530-646-8564. He just bought a mini-excavator too. So if you have a root problem like I did, call him up!



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