Re-Connect With Family – Time Is Fleeting

george and ed iretonHere’s a photo of my younger brother Ed and me about 30 years ago, and about 30 pounds lighter! We had not seen one another in quite a while as life just happens. Work, families, sports, music, whatever. One day we got on the phone and simply decided to head on up to Big Bear Lake and camp out at the campground near Fawnskin, just like we did when we were little kids.

Some 20 years earlier, our folks would haul us up there in a big Ol’ 56′ Cadillac with a huge trunk loaded with tents and fishing gear. We lived in Fontana, CA. That was before the state improved the highway, and it was a steep and winding two lane road then. It was easy to get car sick, and I was always grateful when we finally arrived.

We always had a nice campfire and Mom wrapped up some rocks in tin foil, then towels so we could tuck them in the bottom of our sleeping bags to keep our feet warm at night. It worked! Dad took us fishin’ off the dam and we ran around the campsite for days. It was always good to get up out of the heat during the summer. The elevation at Big Bear is 7000 feet. It gets cold at night, even in summertime.

Mom and Dad are gone now. All my brothers and sisters live at least 500 miles away. We have children and grand kids now. Time is flying by. If you have not just gone camping in a while, I want to encourage you to re-connect with your own family and make it happen! There are a ton of neat destinations nearby, including Mt. Lassen National Park. The elevation is about 6700 feet there too, so you may just want to heat up some rocks for the sleeping bag! Have fun. Make memories. Thank God for all we have!


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