Git Er’ Done… Got Er’ Did! We Have A Winner!

screamerThank you so much to all of our great community members for stepping up and helping to build a handicap bathroom for Trina Leigh, a local girl who suffers from a brain injury. As you may expect, the expense to build any project almost always costs way more than expected. This one is no different. So far this grass roots community fundraiser has generated over $12,000, and the project is well on its way. There is still much work to be done. Your donations are much appreciated. See:

trapshootToday we had the gun raffle drawing at Redding Gun Club. Many of the Board of Directors were there to witness and the President of Redding Gun Club pulled the winning tickets. The place was crawling with Trap Shooters who were competing in a P.I.T.A. tournament. That’s the Pacific International Trapshooting Assoc., not to be confused with P.E.T.A. Heh. These pigeons are all made of clay.




As expected, Ted Lidie of NorCal Firearms Instruction, dropped in at the last minute (Just like the Paratrooper he is) with 100 tickets sold. Hoooahhh! Airborne! Strike… Hold! Way to jump on it Ted!

Jim Blasquez of Indigo Images, was there to shoot a video documenting the event. Thanks Jim! The Beretta 12 gauge shotgun donated by Bastiani Arms was won by Lacey D. of Redding, and the Ruger American Rifle donated by Old West Gun & Loan was won by John H. also of Redding. Look for the video to be posted on in a few days.

Again, thanks to everyone for making this idea a reality. Now Phyllis Raudman is looking to hit a home run with the bike raffle. Tickets for that are just $5. The beautiful BMX bike custom built by Skyway is on display at The Bike Shop on Bechelli Lane. Tickets are available at any Owens Pharmacy, Kuebler’s Furniture, and of course The Bike Shop. Git Er’ Done Phyllis!

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