Prohibition 69’ Update

Track 1. Rider (3:18) (Shane-Reynolds-Henske) (Sandy Durham – Lead Vocal)

In 1968 during music classes at Chaffey College in Alta Loma Ca, I met a few guys who had the idea to form an acoustic folk and bluegrass band. The idea proved to be a fun one.  That’s me at age 19 in the red sweater. That was about the time when the five-string banjo was popularized by the theme song from “The Beverly Hillbillies”, as well as the movie “Bonnie & Clyde”.  Our banjo player enjoyed antique cars, and owned a beautifully restored 1928 Franklin.  We drove all over Southern California in that car, and played at live venues like the famous Ice House in Pasadena. 

Since the bass player owned a recording studio, we took the opportunity of recording the album titled “Prohibition 69′ – Update”. Today I just grabbed that 50+ year old vinyl 33 rpm record off the shelf, converted and uploaded an mp3. No special effects or overdubs were used back then. We were going for that “live” Kingston Trio sound. The entire album is included here below.

During the Vietnam era we were booked on a U.S.O. tour.  During the summer of 69′ while many in our generation headed out to Woodstock, we had the honor of playing for the troops stationed in the Far East.  We performed at M.A.S.H. units in Korea, hospital wards in Tokyo, mess halls in Manila, and nearly every Quanset Hut from Anchorage to Okinawa!  It was a memorable and rewarding experience I will never forget.

Track 2. It Was A Very Good Year – (E. Drake) – (Mike LeDoux – Lead Vocal)

Track 3. Foggy Mountain Breakdown – (Earl Scruggs) – (Ron Hunt – Banjo)

Track 4. Gentle On My Mind – (John Hartford) – (George Ireton – Vocal)

Track 5. Hey Nellie Nellie – (Silverstein/Friedman) – (Sandy Durham – Lead Vocals)

Track 6. Early Mornin’ Rain – (Gordon Lightfoot) – (Mike LeDoux – Vocals)

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