Of Giants, Scarecrows, Pumpkins & Pizza!

Today (Sunday) was great! We were just at the Sunrise Rotary Club’s “Nash Bash” Friday evening, but it got dark on us and we did not want to wander around in the dark and take a chance of falling on our senior faces out there! We went back out to Nash’s Pumpkin Patch today and sort of hung out there for an hour, looking for the perfect few pumpkins to decorate the front of our house. We found a few good ones, including a specialty pumpkin with what Ilane refers to as having “carbuncles” but I think they are called “sugar warts,” because they’re caused by a buildup of sugars under the skin. Whatever… they are cool looking! We also picked up a small bale of straw. We saw Bob Nash out there, in his bright orange jack-o-lantern tee shirt, being nice to folks as usual. He said we missed the chance to sneak out on Friday and swipe the pumpkins, but that is not how we roll. Besides we were scared of the dark!

This little afternoon pumpkin hike (and the smell of the corn popper) made us realize how hungry we were. So, we headed straight for Olive Garden and got our favorite table (inside the bar area) where I promptly ordered the pizza. Sausage, olives, and Roma tomatoes! Ooooh yeah.  This is a rare treat for me. And… I brought half of it home to polish off during the Giant’s game this afternoon. Go Giants!

Now we took the straw, along with the pumpkins and a scarecrow we picked up (half price) at Michael’s, and set it out front with one of my homemade decorative wagon wheels. See: http://westernwagonwheels.com . This makes for a real nice fall display. I think October is my favorite month of the year. The trees out back are about half-way turned to red. I planted those two blaze autumn maple trees over 20 years ago when they were one gallon plants. Now I am sure they can be seen from the Google Earth satellite. Here is a video I took of them a while back. The music is the wonderful song “Old Irish Blessing” by Denes Agay.

So, happy fall to Y’all! From this Old Irishman!

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  1. valerie swanson says:

    What a great fall decoration and fun celebrations of fall! I think I will have to play the song again… thank you for sharing, valerie

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