Near Perfect Day Today!

Today was a good one. I mean a near perfect day. It started early this morning with a breakfast meeting of Redding Sunrise Rotary Club at C.R. Gibbs, followed by a brisk walk along the river trail and through the McConnell Botanical Gardens with my Yellow Lab daisy1Daisy! Man… we saw squirrels, birds, deer, geese, and even a few other dogs to sniff. Not to mention more than a few fit looking folks out for their morning constitutional.

Since the weather was so marvelous, Ilane and I decided to drive on out to Nash Ranch and pick a few pumpkins for our annual Autumn front porch decoration. We got some terrific specimens this year, along with a small bale of straw. Mary Nash was very nice and cordial as usual, even after being swamped by two bus loads of kids. She was a bit under-staffed, but seemed to be taking it all in stride.

We drove across town to the new Jersey Mike’s Sub Sandwich shop by Trader Joe’s. The Number 13 Italian Sub is fantastic! Looks like Dick’s Sporting Goods is about to open too.

When we got back home, we put together our display, consisting of the straw bale, scarecrow, pumpkins, a wagon wheel I made out of our old cedar fencing, and an oil barn lamp I converted to electric. I put that on a timer to light up at dusk for a couple of hours.


Next came the afternoon nap on the couch. Oh yeah…. that’s right. NAP! zzzzzzzz. Ilane is out in the kitchen mixing up some pumpkin bread and it smells delish! The sun is going down, and the temperature is a perfect 72 degrees. My pal Rick Osbrink is a new daddy today too. Congrats to Rick, his sweet wife, and their new little guy Logan!

Last week we had some days that were waaay less than perfect. I am remembering to be thankful for the hard times and the good ones. This was a REAL good one. I hope you had one too!

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