Jammin’ In the Woods

My bluegrass buddies and I had a great time up in the woods north of Redding a couple of weeks ago. We all showed up at the head of a holler by Lake Shasta, popped up a few canopies to protect our high dollar acoustic instruments from the foggy dew and picked bluegrass music waaaay into the night. Here are my friends Jim Genaw (banjo), Mikki Feeney (fiddle) Morgan Hannaford (mandolin), and Colin Saks (bass) along with me on guitar. It was an “open mic” (see corncob phony mic) around a huge camp fire circle. There were about 40 folks just sitting around the fire waiting for their 15 minutes of fame on the big stage! Ha ha. Thanks to Tom and Sharon Bailey for allowing us to camp out on their choice property, and for operating the barrel cooker. What a great potluck camp & jam!  I am looking forward to July when Alan Jackson, Joe Nichols, Scotty McCreery and Kellie Pickler, along with about a dozen other top country music artists swoop into town for the first annual Jukebox Music Festival. It will be at Anderson Fairgrounds just about 7 miles from my house. I doubt those big dogs will want us hillbillies on stage with them, but they may just be drawn to the lonesome sound of bluegrass and pay us parking lot pickers a visit after the show. I am not holding my breath about that, but it is fun to fantasize!

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  1. Thomasgbailey says:

    Hey George, thx for the kind comments on our Wildflower Fest camp out/jam at Mc B ranch. It’s our BLUEGRASS family and friends like you that make it a memorable weekend! Still have a musical hangover from the event.
    You da best!
    Tom and SharonBailey

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