How Is An Upright Bass Like A Shotgun?

The obvious answer is… they both go boom boom. But what makes this a different question for me, calls for a little explanation. Read on McDuff!

combocropped.fwAbout 10 years ago a real nice upright bass came into my hands. It was formerly owned by the Shasta Jazz Society. It sounded great when I got it, and it still booms! This beautiful instrument was made by Scherl & Roth, Cat# G667, Ser#7942. The bass is in excellent playing condition, as I had it professionally set up by renowned luthier Bruce Sexauer from Petaluma. The bass has never been dropped nor had any repairs, other than being re-strung with a $200 set of Spirocore strings. It has an ebony fretboard which tends to play a bit smoother on jazzy numbers. It also fits in nicely in a bluegrass band. It seems to have that kind of hybrid capability to fit a given genre’. Or maybe that’s just me! It does show some natural wear on the side where foolish humans have rubbed up against it. As you may have figured, I have decided to part with it at this time. The instrument really should be played regularly, and my interests have changed a bit. Keep reading…

Heinrich Roth was a seventh-generation violinmaker who worked with his father, Ernst Heinrich Roth, and his brother, Albert, in the family shop in Markneukirchen, Germany. During the early 20th Century, the family had built a reputation for making fine string instruments and sold many to visiting Americans. In 1922, Heinrich was persuaded by his American customers and friends to come to the United States, bringing the experience and reputation of Roth instruments with him.

turkeyshoot.fwI recently went out to the local gun club and participated in a Turkey Shoot. Now this was a fun gig! They line you up to compete against 6 other shooters to see who can blast the most clay pigeons out of the sky. You are entered into a skill category according to your stated ability. The “A” group hardly ever miss the target. The “B” group are a bit less competitive, and hit what they are aiming at most of the time. Now the “C” group is supposed to be for rookies and others who may hit about 1/2 the time. That would be my category! Sick, lame and lazy, cripple, blind and crazy step right up and start shootin’!

It all started pretty rough for me as I went 0-5 on the first round. I had not shot my gun in several years and was doing dumb stuff like closing my left eye and trying to “aim” it like a rifle. I laid back for a while before stepping back into the competition and just thought about the things I had learned over the years. That is when I remembered about the advice I got from my buddy Bob Reagan years ago. Keep both eyes open and just “cover” the target. So I got back in there and hit the 1st 4 targets smack dab! I missed number 5, but my score was good enough to win a nice frozen turkey. Thanks Redding Gun Club! I drove straight home and proudly announced to my wife that I had “bagged” our Thanksgiving turkey!

So how does all this matter? I have long been told that in this life, you can have everything you want, you just can’t have it all at once! This has proven to be true many times over. I would really like to become a better shooter, but I need a nice over/under shotgun to look cool while I am out there on the range.

rugerred.fwMy Remington 870 Express is a great gun, but just not as effective as some of the ones I have been drooling over lately.

This brings me to the point. I would like to barter, trade, swap or otherwise transform this wonderful upright bass into a beautiful trap/skeet gun. She (Count Bessie) is sitting here in the closet, just aching to be played. Of course I will be happy to consider a cash offer, but I am hoping that you or someone you know has a nice gun sitting in their closet just waiting to be shot!

I value the instrument alone at approximately $1200-1500. I also have a pro pre-amp valued at about $185. I’ll take $100 for that. If you need an amplifier, I have just the thing to go with this. It is an SWR Workingman’s 15 bass amp. These go for about $400. Just holler “PULL!” if you are interested. Ph: 530-410-6340

Update….. 12/9/2013 The bass sold for $1300 today. I still have the other items for sale. 🙂



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