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The generosity of our community is truly amazing! The need is always great, yet people seem to rise up and give, even in the face of economic crises. Sometimes it seems like the story of loaves and fishes. With so many urgent (and very deserving) pleas for support, 911, Hurricanes, Floods, Fires, Stuff The Truck, Stuff The Bus, Support Our Troops, etc. it seems like there is a worthy cause competing for our resources every single day! This may understandably lead to a kind of ‘blurred vision’ and reduced sensitivity to such efforts. My own financial resources limit my ability to give as much as my heart would wish. Perhaps others are in the same circumstance. It may be one reason people choose to volunteer in lieu of writing a check. Take heart. Here is one way you can make a life changing difference!

Several years ago it was my honor to serve on the board of directors for Habitat For Humanity. I learned about a different kind of charitable giving during my service. That organization raises funds and recruits volunteers to bring great benefit to a relatively few number of families needing affordable housing. In other words, they do a lot for a few, rather than a little for many. Both approaches have merit, but there is no denying that home ownership can have life changing ramifications. This leads me to the story I would like you to know about, as well as how we can help. I apologize if this gets a bit long winded, however if you stick with me here, I am confident that you will catch the vision and be blessed. Please keep reading.

dr-phil-show-224x300About 2005 I met a nice lady (you may know her too), Sandy Castrogiovanni. A sort of bubbly chick was Sandy as she ‘networked’ the Chamber Greeters with her offer of reverse mortgages. What I did not know at that time was that she had a teen age daughter who was battling Anorexia! In 2010 her daughter Trina suffered multiple seizures and incurred brain damage as a result. Today Trina cannot function at all! She is a beautiful child who lives right here in Redding with her parents who are laying down their very lives to see to Trina’s every need, 24/7. This photo was taken during her appearance on the Dr. Phil Show. Remarkably, she was present on the show for the benefit of others suffering with Anorexia and received little direct benefit herself. In spite of her sweet smile and pretty face, she behaves like a 6 month old baby. We can and should do something to help! See:

As you may imagine, the need is immense and this family must rely on donations for the things not covered by Medi-Cal. One critical need is to remodel their bathroom for handicap use. This carries a $10,000 price tag, and will be my laser targeted goal during the coming months. Invoking the Habitat model, we will do a lot for a few and make a life changing difference. I have a very clear vision on how to accomplish this goal. It has a little to do with my own musical ability, as well as other entertainers I have come to know. It will also involve several local business people and caring individuals.

trina-story3As I was listening to the radio a few days before Christmas, I heard Karen Carpenter singing. I remembered how she died so young as a result of Anorexia. This made me think of helping Trina. My plan is to produce a springtime trap shooting event, bbq, music concert on the green, shotgun raffle and silent auction! ALL proceeds go directly to the handicap bathroom remodel project for Trina.

I will be recruiting volunteers and soliciting merchandise as well as sponsorships for the event. Several community leaders have already raised their hand on this. If you can come alongside me on this project in any way, just contact me to discuss how. We need volunteers!

If you feel moved to take action today, you can. Just follow this link to make a donation.




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15 Responses to Help Me To Help A Sweet Child

  1. George –
    Our family is crying tears of joy right now after reading your article and goal to help Trina and our family. We had an offer back in Feb 2013 from a couple contractors wanting to help pro-bono on the bathroom handicap project and then they disappeared by year-end. We were not discouraged as we realize the timing of help is in God’s hands. Your reaching out plus asking the community to confirms to us that we can rest in His peace and His timing for all needs.

    We realize it remains in His hands, but you have touched our hearts with the biggest Christmas hope of all!


    Sandy, Steve and Trina and fam

  2. I would like to donate money to this cause.

  3. Ted Lidie says:

    OK, I love it. I am in, when’s the first meeting.

  4. Don Palmer says:

    Sure George I will help let me know what your thinking of
    doing and how I can be of service.

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  6. Pam Anderson says:

    George, We would like to donate 10 Christian Worship CD’s that we made.

  7. Happy to donate CDs, George – just pick them up at the counter at Wrap-N-Pack. If we can help with musical entertainment, we’d be happy to.

  8. Barry Hazle says:

    Let’s get together, i have hope the Oaksong Music Society can lend a hand along with The Shasta Serenade Radio Show.
    Maline and i will be around (although, we may take a road trip until Jan 6.) Perhaps we can ask for assistance from the Record Searchlight 🙂

  9. Micah Covert says:

    I would be happy to donate my time durning construction phase.

    • georgeireton says:

      Thanks Micah. After seeing your work firsthand, they are lucky to have you on the job! Will let you know when it starts.

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