“The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a person spreads in all directions.” ~ Chanakya, 300 BC ~

When in doubt, go for the good.

How good is good and how bad is bad? Good is a continuum. Do you know where you are on that line? The fact that you have not been arrested, beaten a helpless animal or sprayed graffiti on a train car does not mean you are good, it only means that you might be Not Bad.

Good is proactive. It takes effort, thoughtfulness and empathy. It is helping, complimenting and putting others before you. Some think that little acts of good make up for unfortunate personality flaws or blatant derogatory efforts. Unfortunately, that is what divorces are made of. Bad trumps good almost every time. Making substantial bank deposits does not make up for a bank robbery.

Bad things happen and the fact that they did does not mean there was a bad person involved. Be careful placing blame. Unsubstantiated accusations can do irreparable harm and good people do not go there. The person who ran into your car did not do it intentionally, except on rare occasions and, even then, getting mad at a bad person does no good.

Being good at something means you are talented, not necessarily good. Being bad at something means you do not have a skill, even if it means you are bad at being good. There is no such thing as bad good.

Spend your time with good people. Do your efforts with good people. Every once in a while you will find a good person that does not know that they are. Pull them up and push them forward. We can use all of the good people we can get.

Go for the good. Good deeds, good thoughts, good results. You will like the person in your mirror much better if you do. They know the truth.

Mike Ferrier

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