Get Off My Lawn!

Everything is nice and green this time of year in Redding, CA.  My lawn is no exception.  I have worked hard to spray for weeds or fungus.  I have mowed, watered, and fed the lawn as prescribed by my good friend Jeff Haynes at Commercial Landscape Service.  I have to say, it is looking pretty good!

One issue I have is that the local dogs seem to really like it too.  They frequently come by for a “visit” and sort of roll around under the shade tree and bask in the greenery.  Unfortunately, they also leave “deposits”.  These are land mines that I usually find with the lawn mower a few days later.  When the particular “land mines” are encountered, it makes for a somewhat less than pleasant experience, as the material is… well you know… smushed! I am at a loss for exactly what to do.  I don’t want to be mean to the dogs.  Truth be told, I kinda like them.  I just wish they would play in their own yard.

I was not aware until today that there is even an online game called “Get Off My Lawn”.  Here is the link if you wanna’ play.  Anyway, I guess I will just keep on mowing and scooping unless and until the dogs move away.  I guess it is really not the worst thing that can happen in a neighborhood.  At least we don’t have the constant police helicopter activity overhead like they do in East LA.

Happy summer and peace to all y’all!

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