Friends Through It All

Last weekend I had the pleasure of driving down to Los Molinos to the home of our longtime friend and bluegrass pal Jim Genaw.  Jim is like the ultimate Great Outdoorsman and Wild Game Cook Master!  He hunts or fishes or snags whatever, then batters and deep fries those critters so his friends can experience something new when we get together to pick a little bluegrass music at his home place by Mill Creek.  Some of those smog sucking, squirrel squashing, flat-landers from Los Angeles can only dream of this kind of home town hospitality.  The Sunday afternoon pickin’ party went way deeper than packin’ down huge proportions of bass, pheasant, and tater salad though.

We have gathered many times over the years to celebrate our mutual love of music.  I remember jamming with my pals at Mikki’s rice farm in Willows when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few years ago and that experience lifted my spirits higher than you can imagine.  I fought and won my battle with cancer, and am now proud to be called a “Survivor”.

This year our very best fiddle player and girl singer Mikki was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She is currently enduring all the chemo therapy in preparation for her surgery.  In this photo we were singing about our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ!  The lyrics were poignant.  “With three rusty nails and and old dog wood tree, the sacrifice was made for you and me”…  You can hear Mikki’s fine fiddle playing and singing on this demo cut of “Sunsets In Virginia“.

Our time on this earth is quick as a wink!  Be encouraged to make every day count.  Take the time to sit beside a loyal and true friend in times of trouble.  Be bold and lift them up in fervent prayer today.  So won’t you  join me in mentioning Mikki’s name to God right now.  She is a great woman and we so want to be blessed with her talent and presence for decades to come!


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2 Responses to Friends Through It All

  1. Jeanie Ramos says:

    George, Thanks for the fine message on the CBA site today. Mikki and Jim are friends of mine also. I will keep Mikki in my prayers as she endures the chemotherapy and surgery. Jeanie

  2. Regina Bartlett says:

    Thank you for a wonderful story about Mikki. I will offer prayers for her healing and recovery. She is a wonderful Bluegrass Musician and friend! God Bless you both!
    Three Rusty Nails is one of my favorite gospel songs!

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