Wheelbarrow Garden Planter

flowersHappy Memorial Weekend! I hope you are happy, healthy and free! So many fallen heroes have made the ultimate sacrifice so we can live a life of liberty in America. We celebrate in many ways, on the lake, at family gatherings, and cook-outs. This is all good, but the Holiday is set aside to honor soldiers killed in the line of duty.

I wanted to exercise the gift of freedom today in my workshop. I enjoy creating cool stuff out of what might otherwise be headed for the landfill. Many flowers will be on display this weekend, so I decided to craft a flower wheelbarrow using a discarded shipping pallet given to me by my banjo pickin’ pal Don Palmer at Redding Spray Service. In the process, I discovered how to break down a pallet in about 5 minutes! Those dang things are designed never to come apart. The wheelbarrow planter was a fun project I learned from Steve Ramsey in Novato. He has a great You Tube channel called Wood Working For Mere Mortals. That fits my description. A rank amateur wood worker. It was kind of easy though. And when filled with a few flowers in memory of those who gave all to ensure our freedoms, I think it turned out very cool! I am embedding Steve’s video here below for your enjoyment.


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