Driving Miss Daisy

I have been looking for a rescue dog for quite some time now. Initially, I was thinking about a Border Collie because my friend Jim has a beautiful one and I like her very much. Turns out, those dogs are very smart, but also very busy! After talking to a lot of folks about this, I came to the conclusion that I might not be able to keep up with a dog like that. On the other hand, people with Labs seem to just love them! The last time I had a dog for a pet was about 35 years ago.

Well yesterday my wife was online at Pet Finders. She showed me this great dog at Haven Humane Society. I went down there to visit. The poor little girl was in the cage just shaking like a leaf! She had been there for a week and had developed kennel cough. She has to take meds to clear that up for the next two weeks, then is scheduled to be “altered”. Ouch! Meanwhile we are fostering Daisy to get her out of that environment until all this business is concluded. We will then adopt her.

I kind of expected Daisy to be a little hyper-active like some Labs, but that is not the case at all. Yesterday, she was jubilant in the back yard and has not been more than 2 feet away from me since bringing her home. She is very mellow, but still likes to play and go for walks. We have a couple of bird feeders in the yard, but she seems to leave those creatures alone. I imagine it will be a different case when she sees the squirrel! That will be a good thing, as the freakin’ squirrel kypes all the bird feed. As I write this, Daisy is bagged out under my desk.

Soon I will be driving Miss Daisy to the river trail. She needs a little leash training, but seems to obey fairly well. Here her is!


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  1. Oh – she’s a beauty! Labs are wonderful — what lucky girl!

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