Dad or Doc?

I was thinking about my Dad this Father’s Day.  He passed away 30 years ago.  Cold hard truth is, you can’t smoke Chesterfields for 50+ years and expect to survive to 100.  Dad’s voice still resounds in my brain today though.  I often repeat some of the same silly jokes he told. Here is a photo of Dad in 1975.  He was age 60 then.  He drove out to Calico Ghost Town one day and took one of those goofy old timey photos.  He thought he looked bad ass like Doc Holliday.  Heh. Dad was always up for a joke.  I guess I’ll be getting grey hair like that in just a couple years!

Bill Ireton was always quick on the joke trigger.  He had so much fun with people, and I suppose that legacy lives in me today.  He enjoyed going down by the river and gigging frogs, then told my 4 year old kid those fried legs were just “River Chicken”.  If someone asked him to do something stupid, he always said… “Why don’t you just stand on your head and poop in your hat?”  Ha ha.  Good one Bill!  He was a great musician who taught me how to play the guitar and sing.  I truly believe those valuable lessons kept me alive during Viet Nam because my army entertainment job ended up with me holding a guitar instead of an M16.

Dad had a soft heart when it came to his kids, but I still remember being that Army brat, when we lived on post, were Dad was a Staff Sergeant.  He was a veteran of WWII and Korea.  He served his country well, and taught me to do the same.  In the time when other 18 year old boys ran to Canada to evade the draft, my dad said “We are not the runnin’ kind.  You’ll be fine, just get in, keep your head down, and get out”.  Turns out he was right as usual.  Thanks Dad.

Happy Father’s Day Dad!  Say hi to Doc!

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  1. Bill Collins says:

    Great website. I LOVE the wagon wheels. Back in the 70’s I wrote a song about Carol You Wagon Wheel Waitress. Haven’t thought about that, nor can I even remember how it went…. maybe it’s around the garage on a old cassette tape (now that’s redundant: Old Cassette TAPE~ haha.

    Hope to see ya soon

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