“Without continuity, men would become like flies in summer.” ~ Melville Fuller ~

“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree. ~ Martin Luther ~

The tumults of life come with pain, emotion, illness and things outside of your control.  The easier you allow one or a combination of these to distract you from your tasks, the more certainly you will not get your work accomplished.  There are things that should pull you off course, but they do not happen frequently and we try not to allow them to happen.

When the mind controls the body, the tumults of life have less impact.  You are able to maintain continuity of your actions.  What level of pain is debilitating?  How much emotion should it take to pull you off course and which emotions have value?  Is a runny nose the same as a  gall bladder attack? Each of the above is identifiable and measurable by yourself and within yourself.

Worry is a wicked master. There is always something or a thousand things which can be worried about.  If continuity is your friend, you have no time or need for the distraction of irrational worry.  Knowledge is one thing, it can be valuable. Irrational worry changes you from calm and confident to distracted and questioning.  It feeds on itself and grows.  OCD and anorexia are drastic but good examples.  More normally it is giving too much value to things which have no personal value.  Think of a slow speed chase, a glove that may not fit and the upcoming release of a felon. OJ Simpson has garnered far more attention than his situation deserves, guilty or not.  Think of the rare occurrence of a train wreck or a plane crash.  They seldom happen, yet if 100 million people each give something five minutes of their time, it is giving up 951 years of combined life.

Continuity is how you deal with things outside of your control.  “Only a fool worries about what he cannot control,” from the book The Wise Man’s Fear, by Patrick Rothfuss (thank you Courtney). We give value to things which have no value and worry about things which deserve no worry.  Today, the Sun, Moon and Earth form perfect alignment. What value does that have other than curiosity? Unless you are an astrophysicist, all you are looking at is a shadow.  Yes, people even worry that it will have a drastic effect on us.

How much productivity do you think the eclipse will cost us?  The path of the eclipse will make us look like flies in summer and the apple tree will not be planted.

Mike Ferrier

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