By The Creek

GVpickupdogA few years ago in the fall, I was feeling a bit low. I decided to take a walk down by the year round creek (Churn Creek) that flows within about a block from my house here in Redding, CA. I just happened to have a little note pad and pencil with me. Good thing too! There was a lot of cool stuff going on down there, worthy of songwriting. Here is what I came up with.  At the end of the day, I was feeling much better. The great outdoors can do that for ya’!

dog-308441_1280I made this simple home recording and added in a few tasty licks by some of my Bluegrass pals (I call them Big Blue Dogs) and there ya go!

By The Creek – Copyright 2004  – by: George Ireton

There’s a quiet place I go sometimes to ponder
and listen to the breeze whisper to me.
While lying on the bank I often wonder
how all this natural beauty came to be.

I watch the sunlight sparkle through the branches
while amber leaves tumble to the ground.
A gentle stream is searching for the river
while I enjoy the peace that I have found.

By the creek there is no sign of trouble.
By the creek there is no pain or strife.
I can forget all about my cares and sorrows.
By the creek everything will be alright.

Geese are winging south across the skyline
Squirrels run and play among the pines.
By the creek I can let my worries wander
It’s a place where I will always feel fine.

In solitude I marvel at the season
when autumn shadows turn to winter snow.
Pretty soon this old woodland will be freezin’
But in the springtime again it’s where I’ll go.

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3 Responses to By The Creek

  1. Melissa Merseth says:

    My dear cousin, as always, you have warmed my heart with yours.
    I love you,

  2. Dan Albertson says:

    Wonderful Web site!!!
    This is Dan Albertson. I met you at an old Timers breakfast back in Feb/ Mar of 2015, I am KA6HCC. It was a long time ago. On 4/9/2016 for the first time in my life I got on the air. Steve; K6KS was extremely helpful. I couldn’t recall your call sign and asked Steve what it was. I remembered your last name and that may have helped some. I too had dabbled with a guitar though not professionally like yourself. My Takamiyma (sp?) 12 string -11 string, burned up in our house fire 9/23/2015.
    I was the guy at breakfast on your left. With whiskers. I had never seen a radio functoning so you showed me your Baofeng car radio. Boy was I impressed! Incidently my dogs name is Daisy. I just wanted to touch base. My daughter bought me a banjo last Dec. I have almost learned Foggy Mountain Breakdown, and am now working on Amazing Grace. (It’s in 3/4). Aaarrrggghhh! Sincerely, Dan KA6HCC. 73 my email is . Thanks !

    • georgeireton says:

      Hi Dan!
      Thanks for the kind words. I have not been able to go to the OT breakfast in a while. I will listen for you on the air. Would be happy to share a bit of music with you as well.
      George – kk6rkw

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