corkypalletIn 2010, I had the great opportunity to work on the campaign for Corkey Harmon, who was running for District Supervisor in Shasta County. I have not been known as political guy in general. I just know a good man when I meet one. Ultimately, Harmon was not successful in his bid for office. Another good man, Les Baugh, was re-elected. That campaign experience was all about putting your very best on the line, getting the word out there, then hoping folks would hear your message and vote. Corkey threw down all the energy he could, did all the right things, but still did not win the race.

I had another opportunity to work alongside this man during the Freedom Festival the other day, July 4th. We were both on a Rotary Club team with a lofty goal to raise money for our community by operating a tri-tip sandwich concession. We did all things right. We had the best product, the best fire wood, the best shade, the best portable swamp coolers, and the most dedicated team players. Turns out, the folks were just not much interested in a hot sandwich when the temperature was about 109 degrees! We got spanked again.

I was thinking about this over the weekend. How you can do things the “Cowboy Way” and still get thrown from the horse. Hope springs eternal I guess, because we jump back up, dust ourselves off and go another round! I am learning these lessons from my friend Corkey. He is a good man to follow.

This morning the neighbor knocked on my door to let me know that a multitude of wasps had nested behind my shed, right across the fence from their swimming pool. I immediately ran to the hardware store and got some attractant and wasp spray. I have been stung a few times, and it is NOT an experience I want those little kids next door to have.

While at the hardware store, I noticed a stack of old shipping pallets out by their dumpster. I asked if I could have one. I chose a pallet with “Cowboy Character” and brought it home with the wasp ammo. I cut the boards away from the runners, leaving the rusty nail heads behind. I assembled a rustic frame and added a piece of glass and a buckskin mat I reclaimed from an old corporate poster I snagged from P&M Cedar Company when they closed up shop about 7 years ago. I remembered that I had taken a photo of Corkey with his buckskin colored horse during the political campaign. I uploaded the hi-res image to a thumb drive, drove it into Costco, and handed them $3.21. I stopped by and got the $1.50 polish dog and soda lunch (can’t beat that). In about 30 minutes they handed me back a nice 12×18 photo of Corkey doing things “The Cowboy Way”! I figure this will look nice out in his barn. Turns out I can make up these frames for most any size. What fun on a Sunday afternoon!


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  1. Sally Thorngren says:

    Georgie I love you!! That’s all I got to say and I’m stickin to it!!

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