Bless This Child On Christmas

holidaytrinaWhen I see Trina’s lovely smile, she looks like a regular 25 year old girl. What a sweet baby. Truth is, she does not seem to be cognizant of anything, and is completely dependent on her parents and family to sustain her very life. I say ‘does not SEEM cognizant’ because God is the one who knows what may be going on there inside the injured brain of this beautiful child. Life lessons learned… I remember my high school drama club days and the production of Helen Keller. Her story was nothing short of miraculous, and in spite of a dismal prognosis concerning Trina’s condition, there is ALWAYS hope! What she CAN do is see, hear and smile! That is a huge message of encouragement, not to be regarded lightly.

We continue to recruit a steering committee to accomplish the very do-able goal of constructing a handicap bathroom in her home. Several have already stepped up and accepted the challenge to raise $10k for this effort. I fully expect to be doing the happy dance by summer. Won’t you join us? Please see my previous post here for more details about a spring benefit concert, and contact me right away if you can help in any way. If we can help other very deserving people on other continents, we can sure help a girl in our own hometown! Please consider donating today.




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