Baby Taylor Should Be Played

Several years ago, I was at a bluegrass camp out in Colusa, Ca, where a fellow had this nice Baby Taylor guitar, model 301-K-GB. I played it and liked the fact that it sounded great, was in such excellent condition, and it came with a neat padded travel case. So I agreed to buy it, thinking I would play it way more than I actually have. Truth is… it has been sitting in my closet for years because I always seem to pick up my Martin instead. This is no way to treat such a nice instrument like a Taylor! I hear they are now made in Mexico, but this one was made in El Cajon, Ca., which I guess makes it a little more collectible. Not sure about that, but who cares? It is a really nice little guitar and deserves to be played! It is in like new condition, no scratches etc.

I will let it go for $200 plus $35 for shipping. Just holler at me if you want it.

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  1. Bill Collins says:

    We too have a baby Taylor that doesn’t get much use, but I think i’ll pick it up a little more now that i am feeling the guilt.
    Gimme a call George, we’ve got a hoot coming up, would love to see and hear ya.

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