scenic-164559_640“Acceptance is not submission; it is acknowledgement of the facts of a situation. Then deciding what you’re going to do about it.” ~ Kathleen Casey Theisen ~

In August 1999, my friend and doctor Doug McMullin put my chest X-Ray up on the screen in his office. We were both seeing it for the first time.  In the middle was a large white cloud that should not have been there. It looked like one of the huge baker potatoes my friend James grew up in Tulelake. Within a couple days I had to accept that it was either going to come out of there or I should buy a coffin.

Dr. Shepps was my surgeon. He started telling me about the potential complications and I stopped him.  I told him I saw him as my greatest potential complication and that I trusted him to do his best.  Then I told him I had two requests; the first was to make it to Maui as scheduled in 29 days, the second was to put in a better golf swing while he was in there.

He told me he will work on the Maui thing and then opened his shirt to show me the scar on his chest.  He told me he did not get a golf swing and I would not get one either (he was right).  I made it to Maui and even tried snorkeling, to my wife’s firm disdain.  That was the last time I went snorkeling as I found I can no longer breathe in when my chest is under water.

We do not have to, and will not, like all the things life brings us, as in  the 13 inch scar in my chest.  Our role is to make things the best they can be with what we have to work with.  Apathy is not acceptance.  We do not have to roll-over and play dead.  We need to stand up and play life.  These past 17 years have shown I made a good decision.  Thank you, again, to all of you who made those years  and the ones to come possible.

There are burdens, regrets and situations that are bothering you, we all have them.  Do your best to accept the situations as they are.  Do what you can to improve and move forward to make the best of the tools and assets at your disposal.  You deserve all the happiness you can give yourself and those who accept you.

Mike Ferrier

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