A Good Day To Be Irish

Ahhh! Tis’ a good Saint Paddy’s Day indeed! Near perfect weather here in Redding.

St.Paddys_day_weatherWhile my better half was preparing the corned beef, I was out in the back yard, just enjoying this glorious Sunday with our new Lab “Daisy”. She is about 3 years old and is just learning how to do stuff. Who knows what her environment has been, as she was a stray I picked up at Haven Humane Society. Daisy is a very affectionate and mellow dog who gleefully chased off every bird and squirrel in the back yard when we stepped out there today. Oh! you should have heard that squirrel bitching all the way up the tree, like he owns the place! Thieving little varmint is probably wondering how it all went wrong. Hah hah.

I went to Wal-Mart a little earlier to get some chew toys and such. I was not aware that the store was open 24/7. Good to know. They had a nice selection of dog stuff. I got a test size green bone that is supposed to eliminate bowser breath. It did. I got a few other non-rawhide natural chew bones too. I don’t much care for allowing Daisy to munch on hide or hoof products. And I just could not bring myself to buy the “bullies” sticks! In case you are unaware, those are dried bull penis! My wife already cringes with the various toys laying around the house. Safe to say, she would NOT go for bull pricks on the dining room floor!

Daisy seems to like chasing a tennis ball, and is slowly learning to fetch it back. Here is a little video I made with ipad just sitting there on the bbq.


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